Diploma of Community Services


This nationally recognised Diploma is suitable for students who support people through a range of social and personal issues and aspire to operate at a higher skill level or have responsibility for the supervision of other staff.
The qualification reflects the role of community services workers involved in the delivery and coordination of person-centred services to individuals and groups.

The community sector includes a broad range of job opportunities, work may be undertaken in a range of settings including NDIS Services, Disability Group Homes, SILs, Day Programs, Mental Health services, Aged Care and more.
Wentworth College offers a broad course outline, topics covered include case management, counselling, crisis situations, trauma informed care, domestic and family violence and more.

Employment Opportunities and Job Roles with this qualification include:

  • Community Services Coordinator
  • Case Manager
  • Accommodation Manager – SILs, Group Home
  • Day Program or Service Manager
  • Supervisor and Practice Leader
  • Operations Manager
  • Mental Health Support Worker
  • Personal Carer

Why Wentworth College:

Social learning:

  • Wentworth College primarily operates B2B, liaising with aged care, disability support and community services organisations.
  • Train and learn with classmates who are working in the same or similar job role.
  • Timetabled classes represent an excellent opportunity to network, share knowledge and experience with other
  • students working in the same job role.
  • Our Trainers are industry professionals with extensive teaching experience.
  • One on one support available.
  • Support staff are readily available to respond to student queries.
  • Fast tracking options available.

Flexible Course Delivery

  • Mixed mode training and assessment for work-based students allows greater flexibility to balance studies, work routine and home life.
  • Convenient scheduling minimises impact on work rosters and travel time.
  • Part time delivery format includes timetabled fortnightly class attendance, self-directed learning, workplace hours and completion of assessment tasks.
  • Class attendance and participation is mandatory.
  • Students may utilise some or all work hours as an alternative to undertaking 200 hours work placement (suitability conditions apply).
  • Credit transfer from previous study or any other relevant qualification, if applicable, may reduce attendance requirements, study load and the course duration.
  • Course duration 18-24 months.

Training and Assessment:

  • Interactive and high engagement live Zoom classes.
  • Face to Face sessions at the workplace.
  • Self-directed learning (at home).
  • Workplace training hours/ Work Placement.
  • Written Assessment Tasks – Question and Answer and Small Projects.
  • Practical/Simulated Assessment Tasks.
  • Workplace visits, to conduct assessments, observations, provide face to face support.

About Placement Hours:

  • A minimum of 200 hours to fulfil the requirements of the qualification.
  • Students may utilise some or all work hours as an alternative to undertaking 200 hours work placement (suitability conditions apply)
  • We visit at work, to conduct assessments, workplace observations and finalise evidence requirements.

Student Portal:

Wentworth College is pleased to introduce our online student portal, Cloud Assess.
Cloud Assess is an easy-to-use tool designed to be a paperless solution for training and assessment.
Our students can access all training and assessment materials and submit all assessments via the portal.
And benefit from all the functionalities including streamlined efficiency, a resources library, live marking, results and feedback, paperless solution and more.

Core Units (12):


Assess co-existing needs


Develop and implement service programs


Recognise and respond to crisis situations


Facilitate and review case management


Analyse impacts of sociological factors on people in community work and services


Recognise and respond appropriately to domestic and family violence


Work with diverse people


Promote Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety


Manage legal and ethical compliance


Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes


Reflect on and improve own professional practice


Maintain work health and safety

Elective Units (8):


CHCCOM003 Develop workplace communication strategies


Provide advocacy and representation services


Work with people with mental health issues


Apply basic principles and practices of infection prevention and control


Establish and confirm the counselling relationship


Provide services to people with co-existing mental health and alcohol and other drugs issues


Work effectively in trauma informed care


Follow established person-centred behaviour supports

For further information about this qualification, click here.

Course Entry Requirements:

To ensure this is the right course for you, prior to the commencement of training, a Pre-Training Review will be conducted.

This starts with a conversation with our Training Manager who will provide comprehensive course information and answer your questions.

Learners must be assessed as meeting the following criteria:

LLN Robot levels – entry at ACSF Level 3 (core skills, reading, writing, listening, speaking, numeracy, digital literacy).
Be of at least 16 years of age.
Have completed Year 12 or equivalent (desirable).
Be an existing worker in Community Care and Mental Health Support Services, Disability and Aged care, Health and other care services OR
Be available to commence Work Placement early into the course.
Must not have a criminal conviction that will appear on the National Police Check.
An Influenza shot/ Immunisation certificate or Vaccination card may be requested.
Must have basic computing skills and access to a standard computer or laptop.
Driver Licence or Photo ID.
Green Medicare card or evidence of residency.
Unique Student Identifier.

Course Fees:

Course Fees:

Training in priority qualifications is fee-free and fully funded by NSW and Commonwealth government.

For more information about your eligibility for funding and the enrolment fee please contact us on 1300 138 792 or email info@wentworth-college.com

Alternately please express your interest by completing an online Candidate Eligibility Form, below:

Eligibility Questionnaire

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