About Us

About Wentworth College

Wentworth College RTO #21938 is an independent Training Provider that provides flexible learning and development opportunities, that positively impact on our students and their local communities

Founded in 2006, Wentworth College brings many years of experience in the VET sector and has realised a shared vision to build a training college that provides both valuable skills and a positive learning journey

Wentworth College have achieved this vision through three core principles:

  • Industry focus on Community Services and Healthcare.
  • A commitment to high educational standards and a positive learning experience.
  • A passion for helping and supporting students to successfully complete their studies.

Wentworth College focuses on providing training specifically for Community Services and Healthcare and take great pride in the knowledge that we have been able to further the careers of our students and help them improve the lives of those they work with in the community

If you want to further your career and make a difference, contact us today on 1300 138 792 or email info@wentworth-college.com.

Study at Wentworth College

For a positive learning experience with like-minded students Enrol at Wentworth College. Call 1300 138 792